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Create your personal Blog / Ham Page in minutes

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Create your personal Blog / Ham Page in minutes

HamSphere “The virtual Ham Radio transceiver” is proudly presenting Blogs.

Now you can get your own personal HamPage / Blog on HamSphere with an address reflecting your callsign.

Here is a good example of a well structured Blog:

You can configure your Blog / Ham Page in many ways using Widgets (plugins). See for example

With your own Home Page / Blog you can for example share QSL cards, pictures, ideas, news, hobbies, interests and many other things.

If your blog becomes popular you can even make money from it by using Google adwords. So let’s get started, let your imagination and inspiration flow!

If you already have a Ham Page with us, click here to login to your site

Click here to create your own Blog / HamPage


You can chose from a number of themes for your site.

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