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Just for your information peoples, there a lot of sync issues with Easypal between different operating systems,
XP TO XP is fine, Windows7 TO Windows7 is fine But XP TO Windows7
1 person will always be out of sync so re-booting will not work,
Its a shame but its just how it works at the moment so it might be worth asking
the other station what op system they are using or "On tune testing" are you are out of sync
it will probably stay that way. 73 Andy 26hs2241

Hi All,
Here is the point of the EasyPal operation with HamSphere.

1.The Same OS should be used.
・If your partner use Windows XP then your OS should be Windows XP as well.
・Under same OS, Windows XP, you have to confirm running condition of software each other.
When you boot up HamSphere first then EasyPal, your partner should boot up Easypal first
then HamSphere or vice versa.
・It is impossible to make two way picture QSO under different OS as Windows XP and Windows 7
(or Vista).
・Under same OS as Windows 7 or Vista, you will make two way picture QSO without any care.

2.The same server should be used.
The HamSphere provides three(3) servers where are located Texas, London and Stockholm.
・If your partner use Texas server then you should use Texas server as well.
If you use different server from your partner then chance of BSR keeps increasing.

Thank you.
Hello All,
I have uploaded the summary of my experience about EasyPal with HanSphere Ver.3.0  to my website as
Please let me know if you have different experience from me.
Thank you
de Shu JO3KLS
I do not know any theory about internet communication.
But I have learned following phenomenon on the EasyPal with HamSphere sice version was issued.
 1. The same sersvere should be used to get good result of the picture exchange.
 2.  Under the different OS of computer, we some time are not able to exchange the picture.
 3. It seems that there are running priority on those software.
    3-1 Under OS Windows XP, If You run HamSphere first then EasyPal and your partner runs EasyPal
         first then HamSphere then you and your partner will get good resulte.
         If you and your partner run same way as HamSphere(EasyPal) first then EasyPal
        (HamSphere)   then you will fail to exchange the picture.
    3-2 You will fail to exchange the picture between different OS as Windows XP and Windows
          Vista(or 7)
 4. There is a pause of signal  often and we fail to copy the pictuer by this pause.


Shuji JA3GQJ
If your OS is Windows XP then you go to the JO3KLS web site.
Then you are going to get some idea from the web site.
If your OS is Windows Vista or Windows 7 then you have troublesome on it to operate at HamSphere.
As you know, We have to use soundcard function to change over the voice and pics. signal.
We use mic for the voice and we use stereomix for the pics. on the soundcard.
At HamSphere, this changeover operation dose not work well under OS Windows Vista or Windows 7. 
I beleve you know about MMSSTV operation on the CQ-100.
My guess is that there are no big different between MMSSTV operation on the CQ-100 and EasyPal 
on the HamSphere with OS Windows XP.I myself could operate EasyPal well with OS Windows XP at
HamSphere today my time.

Shuji JA3GQJ
DRM as used in Easypal, allows very fast data transmissions with error correction,
enabling very accurate decoding, and a means to request missing blocks,
this is all done within Easypal, and very simple to do.

Images up to 1280x1024 are sent in a little over 1 minute,
Easypal does compress images to shorten transmission times,
 but you have the ability to adjust the compression if unwanted artifacts are present in the image.

Here is a guide to EasyPal and some of its bells and whistles
30 METER BAND Digital Mode
Some basic tips from Andy 26HS2241
• Check your sound card settings to make sure you are receiving audio to your preferred program
• Operators need to read the help file and adjust properly the Sound Clock Settings for
Receiving pictures without slant and then adjust their TX offset to adjust their transmit slant
• Documented information is on the facebook page.
• Do not rely on the AUTO SLANT within MMSSTV software.
• Set your output levels: To Transmit with the Codecoff press transmit a test tone (1750)
button next to TX firstly and set your output s meter needle to around S7 S8
• Always add the callsigns for identification purpose, and try to send the RX image back
(picture in picture) to show what you received at your end.
• Be patient and try not to double with other operators on the same frequency,
If two station are exchanging pictures wait until they are finished before you start sending images yourself


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