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Hamsphere on Iphone/Ipad

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The following is a correspondance between 5B4AIT and a Station interested in using Hamsphere on Iphone or Ipad... Please send Kelly tour UUID Number when making your request... As you can see here, I blocked this Stations UUID for Privacy reasons... But it will expidite the process more quickly for you and for Kelly... Thanks for your Time, and Thank you for using Hamsphere!





I am a new registered user and have been lead to believe that there is a Beta version of Hamsphere for Iphone/Ipad available upon request.

If so can I have a copy please - I have an iphone and am buying an Ipad 3, when they are released in Australia, and would find it more convenient.

Thanking you in advance :)

Mark Daniels/43HS974 Sydney Australia..


Please send us the UUID number




Hi Kelly & Thanks - found the UUID and it is

Thanks & 73's

Mark Daniels/43HS974 Sydney Australia..


Thank you. Let me get back to you.



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