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QRL Is this frequency busy? Used almost exclusively with Morse code
QRM Man-made interference There's another QSO up 2 kHz causing a lot of QRM
QRN Static crashes The band is noisy today; I'm hearing a lot of QRN
QRO Increase transmitting power I need to QRO when propagation is poor.
QRP Low(er your) transmitting power I'm using a QRP transmitter here, running only 3 watts
QRS Send your Morse code more slowly Please QRS, I'm new to Morse code
QRT Stop sending I've enjoyed talking to you, but I have to QRT for dinner now
QRV Ready to receive Will you be QRV in the upcoming contest?
QRX Hang on a minute, I'll be right back Please QRX one
QRZ Who is calling me? QRZ? I hear someone calling, but you're very weak
QSB Fading of signal I'm hearing a lot of QSB on your signal
QSL Acknowledge receipt I QSL your last transmission
QSO A conversation with another Radio Station. Thanks very much for the QSO
QSY Change frequency Let's QSY up 5 kilohertz
QTH Location My QTH is Ystad, Sweden
QTR Exact time QTR is 2000 Z


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