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HamSphere QSL Exchange Management System

The acknowledgement & confirmation of a QSO has been an activity within HAM RADIO and it is the wishes of HamSphere to continue with this EVENT. .

The act of logging accurate details about a USERS QSO in HamSphere LOOKBOOK is important. Then sending QSL Cards to match up with the other Users logged QSO details will be meaningful for personnel satisfaction and proof that contact with DX station was successful.

Now with Internet these virtual connections are much easier and the QSL CARD exchange is quicker and less expensive as compared to using the regular mail service! The Internet now allows this to be done electronically QUICK AND EASY………

So the activity continues within HAMSPHERE virtual radio QSL management System with the built in LOGBOOK & QSL CARD exchange feature….

WATCH VIDEO by Geert 13HS575
HamSphere QSL Management System

TIPS to consider :


The Starting Point is the LOGBOOK - Real Time entry is the key!!
As you make contact and have conversation using HamSphere you should make an entry in the Logbook,

If you find this hard to do, durimg a QSO , typing into logbook, then record details Date / Time / Callsign / Name / FREQ in a paper log for inputting electronically in the HamSphere Logbook after the QSO.

As you make these log entries you will notice on the right hand side of screen two boxes gray in color with letters [ S ] & [ R ]
( S – Sent & R = Received )
These letters will change color when action has occurred
…The letter “S” will turn RED and the letter “R” will turn GREEN…

View Logbook page with QSL indicators

If you click the Letter gray “S”
You may get a message that NO Templates Exist……………

To continue you are required to have a QSL CARD TEMPLATE set-up for your QSL Card that you use to send to Users. confirming the QSO…………….

This is done in the QSL EDITOR………………………….
Read the complete page for instructions and samples card / templates to get started with

QSL CARD EDITOR description

To send a card

1) Find callsign you wish to confirm QSO
a. Scroll through log entries until you find this callsign
b. Use the find button – enter callsign and hit ENTER button

2) Select the gray box with letter “S”

3) The next screen will show your TEMPLATES – that you have created to use.
a. If you get message NO card EXIST GO TO the QSLCARD EDITOR
i. The logbook screen top row has a link to the QSL EDITOR

4) Select the card you wish to use by clicking on the DOT under the IMAGE.

5) If you wish to enter some Text in the COMMENT Field

6) Hit the Preview button
a. This now gives you a view of the card ready to be sent
7) If you are satisfied ….hit the SEND button to actual get the card to your friend.
You will see a message that card has been SENT …………

To CANCEL / Abort Sending CARD

If you did not like and require some editing before sending HIT the CANCEL button ………to Abort and start over……….

To receive a card

Your email will ALERT you that a HamSphere QSLCARD has arrived…………….

There will be a link for you to click to view this new incoming QSL CARD.

QSL Card viewer

This links shows your cards in your QSL Card Gallery ……………
The first card is the latest one that has arrived…

From within the HamSphere radio Logbook page you can also view all your cards.

Select top row link: TO VIEW QSL card list

When you look at the log entry for this callsign / date confirming the qso …you will see the GREEN “R” meaning this QSO has received confirmation.

If the Box with the “S” is grayed out. This means you have not sent a confirming card for this QSO..
· Click the S and proceed to prepare your template to SEND
· If the S is "red" = means you already have sent a confirming QSL Card for this QSO.

If you do not have a log entry for this [ Callsign / Date ] one must made !
Scrolling Search or using the FIND Search ??

You must make a manual log entry in the LOGBOOK using the information required Callsign / QSO Date / QSO Time / UserName / QSO Freq ……

.Before you can send a card to the station to confirm the QSO needs to be in the Logbook

Record keeping is vital for total accuracy of confirming QSO’s between Users.

It is not necessary to confirm all QSO’s.
Usually one time is enough for your records for working a specific area / dx country.

Also keep in mind when designing your QSL CARD your TEMPLATE should be kept simple and not to busy. The Idea is to convey basic information in a clear and easy to read format.

Using some artistic photos in your design work with the multi colors is good but try not to over do it making it hard to pull out and spot the important parts of a QSL CARD information.

Have fun and enjoy confirming QSO’s using HamSphere QSL Management feature.

Jan 2012

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