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CW Operation

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CW commands
/cw set CW mode
/f1-8 Store CW fast keys. i.e. /F1 CQ CQ CQ DE 5B4AIT K
/speed WPM (where wpm is words per minute between 10-34)
/offset hz (where hz is the tone offset between 100-1000 hz)
Special CW keys
+ = AR
@ = SK
() = ? ! /

Working CW

CW means Contineous Wave and operators use the Morse code (dots / dashes) to key CW.

Calling CQ in CW is simply just calling like:

Some CW Jargon:
FB - Fine business
GL - Good Luck
TNX - Thanks
ABT - About
BK - Break (Usually used to let the other station come in with a comment)
AGN - Again
CQ - Calling any station
CU - See You
GB - Good bye, God Bless
GE - Good Evening
GA - Go ahead; Good Afternoon
GD - Good
HI - The telegraph laugh; High
73 - Best Regards
XYL - Wife
TU - Thank you (Usually used to end a QSO such as TU EE)
HR - Here; Hear
PSE - Please
R - Received as transmitted (Also keyed EN to confirm an over)
SRI - Sorry
RX - Receive, Receiver
TX - Transmitter; Transmit
UR - Your; You're
W - Watts
FER - For
GUD - Good
VY - Very


1 -- Unreadable
2 -- Barely readable, occasional words distinguishable
3 -- Readable with considerable difficulty
4 -- Readable with practically no difficulty
5 -- Perfectly readable

Q5 is a perfectly readable signal.

Signal Strength

1--Faint signals, barely perceptible.
2--Very weak signals.
3--Weak signals.
4--Fair signals.
5--Fairly good signals.
6--Good signals.
7--Moderately strong signals.
8--Strong signals.
9--Extremely strong signals.

RST Reports

Characteristics of a signal, its readability, strength and optional its tone quality, if you work in Morse code are transmitted using the RST code. The signal strength is usually based on the receiver S-meter reading, where readability and tone are subjective values.

Each step of the signal strength double of intensity, beginning at 0.2 mV to end at 50 mV. Over 9 on the S-meter, the strength is given in dB, e.g. 59+10.

In CW, the tone can be followed with a letter : X stands for crystal clear tone, C stands for chirp tone and K stands for clicks. The number 9 is often replaced with the letter "N" (for nine) and 0 by T. So "599" gives "5NN".

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