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Date: 2012-06-03 05:39:09
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What kind of microphone should I purchase for the HamsPhere?
Date: 2012-06-03 18:41:41
Callsign: KB4T
Any microphone that works with your computer will work well with HamSphere. HamSphere generally does not recommend any specific make or model.

Users have had success with all types of computer microphones including those which have 2 plugs at the end of the cable, USB type and even the output of professional audio mixers and components. You can use just about any kind of audio source.

The most important consideration, of course, is to be sure that whatever you choose sounds good. You can use the Sound Recording application in your computer's operating system to make a recording of yourself. Then play it back through your computer speakers or headphones and make sure you sound good. What you hear will be what others hear.

Be sure that the room doesn't produce echo or a hollow sound to your voice. This is usually caused by speaking to the microphone from a distance of more than a few inches. It's always best to speak fairly close (within a few inches) of the microphone. Sometimes you have to speak across the face of the microphone instead of directly into it to avoid lots of breath noise.

Be sure that the room you use to operate on HamSphere is fairly quiet. Many computer microphones are sensitive and will pick all the background noises in the room if there are any. Oscillating fans, overhead fans, box fans, machinery, noisy air conditioners or furnaces, kids playing, televisions, other radios, music players all contribute to distracting background noise that can be picked up by any microphone. Be sure to eliminate all of these possible noise sources to insure a pleasing HamSphere experience for yourself and others.

Check out my HamSphere blog article on "Configuring Your Transmit Audio" at for a complete discussion of how to sound your best on HamSphere.

Please send a reply to this note to let me know that you received the information in good order. Please include any additional questions you might have.

Good luck!


Frank N. Haas KB4T
HamSphere Support
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